404 About Tracker IPm

About Tracker IPm

Whether you are controlling a large array Grid-Connected Solar Field or a own personal tracker,the Tracker IPm is a Universal Controller is a powerful solution capable of controlling all types of trackers. Affordable enough for small installations yet scalable to control thousands of trackers over a wide area. If you are looking for replacements for now obsolete controllers, this is the ideal solution. The Tracker IPm is built on a high-speed industrial Linux-based controller which provides a wide array of I/O types for use on any type of mechanical drive and includes the networking communications to tie together large systems.



  •  Single or dual axis tracking
  • Photo Voltaic, Concentrated PV, Thermal and Reflective.
  • Back tracking.
  • Embedded NREL’s SPA Solar Position Algorithm
  • Wind protection algorithm adjusts position or moves it to a predetermined safe position.
  • 2 mechanical limit switch inputs per axis to prevent over travel.
  • 2 programmable soft limits to limit over travel and provide redundancy.
  • PID Temperature Control algorithm which can adjust positioning to maintain a maximum temperature set point.
  • Auto Calibration feature re calibrates the tracker each morning.
  • Selectable alternating motor run reduces power supply amperage rating.
  • Extreme Environment Operating Capabilities (-40 to 70C)
  • With IPmWebControl you can monitor, deploy software and firmware updates remotely over the Internet securely
  • 32 bit power-PC enables tracking accuracy better than 0.1 degree (motor type & feedback determine final accuracy).
  • Monitor and data log Modbus enabled inverters.
  • Use inverter feedback for tracking optimization.
  • Fully Environmentally & Electrically certified for world wide deployment
  • Connect seamlessly with all major HMI/SCADA software (including Wonderware, Intellution, Citect, Allen Bradley).
  • Data Logging, Alarming & Messaging
  • Cellular & 900MHz wireless networking versions

Expanded Program Capabilities

The Tracker IPm can go beyond simple tracking. Any ancillary process you need can be programmed in the controller. We can develop any program for you for a small fee.

I/O Input – Output

  • 12 Digital Inputs
  • 4 Digital Outputs (10-30VDC 1 Amp/channel)
  • 8 Analog (4-20mA) Inputs
  • 2 Analog (4-20mA) Outputs – Optional
  • 1 RS232 – 1 RS485 – 1 Ethernet 10/100
  • Full TCP/IP functionality on board.

Embedded NREL’s SPA Solar Position Algorithm to drive the control logic. The goal of this product is to provide a solution that does more than simple solar tracking.