404 2 Axis Brushless Motors

2 Axis Brushless Motors

This drawing provides a simplified overview on how everything connects to motor controllers.  See the next diagram for wiring to the motors. The feedback utilizes the pulses from the drive motor Hall sensors. The Tracker IPm uses only one Hall feedback for positioning.

Analog inputs from inclinometers and other 4-20mA  feedback devices can be used on either axis.

This drawing show wiring for the IPm in sinking mode. This  requires a jumper change in the base and also a revision to the Tool Kit 6pj project file. See Sinking / Sourcing Set Up.

Wiring Diagram for Brushless Motor

 This drawing shows the wiring from the motor controllers to the motors.

Wiring Diagram B

Tracker IPm Terminations for DI Sinking



404-2031-SI r0 SINK