404 Loading IPm WebControl

Loading IPm WebControl

SXClient provides the connection to IPm WebControl

Download the sxclient file to your PC


Open Sixnet Toolkit

Highlight the TRACKER IPm

Configure/Configure Station/Module

Select User Software Tab on pop up

Select Add a File

Select Install a Tar file radio button

Select Files of type:  “Zipped Tar Files (*.tgz)

Find the directory where you saved the sxclient file


Operations/Load/Load Software


Once the software loads, it should connect to the Web in a few minutes. If after 4 or 5 minutes it still does not connect, cycle power and then check your Internet connection. This is done by plugging your lap top into the same Ethernet port on the network that the Tracker IPm will use. Open a standard browser and confirm you are able to surf the Web. Make sure your WiFi connection is off. If a connection cannot be made, contact your network administrator.